The Poem that won the first place in the poetry competition 2011

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As I stand beside the flowers to bloom,
My thought blew with the freeze that flew

Far away in the shrubs besides,
There waits a bunch of butterflies

As I wait to see them fly sky high
Up above but not too shy,

I miss their thoughts and dream to come,
The way I miss their love for me

The days of sadness left behind,
I leaped towards the love for them

I walked along the lonely beach,
Till the wind that blew in the eye

Though to see them all along ,
I seemed to bee, and hence to fly

As they told me times a part,
They depart yet , hence my heart
It seemed to me that spring is near,near
And here they come,and to share

In red , in white , in blue they flew
They made me smile as they flew

In hoards , in crowd ,in bunch they flew
Down the stream up the hills

From spring they flew and till it went
All around and they surround

As they flew and flew the more,
Far they went and far the more

As I stand besides the flowers to bloom
In hope , In pain , In sorrow and love

Written By Belnova K Binu C1


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